Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

And The Oscar Goes To…

“Who” will everyone in Dallas be wearing this awards season? If we have our way, it’ll be original Oscar Fierro.

The new Dallas boutique opens tomorrow, but we got a sneak preview and his new menswear collection is sure to become a blockbuster.

Sexy designs and wonderful fabrics have fashionably fornicated and created some truly remarkable offspring. For now, his line almost exclusively features men’s shirts and sweaters, but will soon expand to swimwear and underwear, as well as other items.

The chic shop also carries select brands of sunglasses, grooming products and other clothing labels that jive with the OF aesthetic, but we can’t wait to see more of his own designs.

If you want a custom-made suit, let Oscar do it for a fit that can’t be duplicated by simple alterations of an off-the-rack number.

The women’s line is equally stunning, but the wedding dress we tried on made us look a little too hippy (and femme), so we’ll stick with the XY designs upstairs.

However, the best part of Oscar’s clothing is the prices. Men’s shirts range from just $39 to $99. For designer duds, mind you.

We spend that much in penicillin after leaving Ross or Marshall’s when our discount designer fix needs feeding!

Oscar Fierro Boutique
Opens Tomorrow, January 28
5307 E. Mockingbird Lane #140, Dallas
(at Mockingbird Station next to Café Express)
(888) 916-0999