Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Satisfying Our XBox

An addiction to role playing games (RPGs) is not the first quality we seek in our ideal man. In fact, if we were to be honest (our therapist has recommended we try it for a week or so), “knowing what RPG is an acronym for” is a quality that falls just under “wears flip-flops to nightclubs” on our list of red flags when screening a potential suitor.

Conversely, role-playing alone ranks pretty high on our list of ideal qualities. Cosmic.

However, we’ve been sadly mistaken. The long-awaited sequel of the Fable series on Xbox has made our ears and booties perk to the possibility that RPGs can be sexy – and gay.

At first glance Fable II appears to be like most other games we’ve taken a gander at. But once a player begins to create a character, what makes Fable stick out (and why we like it) is revealed: players can choose the sexual orientation of their avatars.

Yup, this gayme includes LGBT characters.

And in a virtual world, how can one tell which characters they encounter are gay and which are breeders? Gaydar, of course!

A special feature of the game allows players to check other players’ sexuality – something only our mouth has been able to do, and it’s usually wrong.

We didn’t anticipate adding RPGs to our exclusive list of interests on Facebook, but after creating an impossibly chiseled, eternally youthful twink in Fable II, we might now be considered a gaymer.

Hopefully game designers can create a virtual Sour Apple Martini before our big, gay date on Fable this weekend.

Only on Xbox