Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tooth Or Consequences

Dentists: on the fear scale they usually rank somewhere between clowns and axe murderers. But we do kind of feel sorry for them. All those years of hard work and student loans only to have people dread coming to see you.

It’s just like all that time and money Paris Hilton sank into those “acting lessons.”

Nonetheless, fear aside, we decided it was time to face our dentist head-on after a recent incident with our Mirror Mirror On The Wall. Not only did he NOT call us the fairest of them all, he said our teeth were so yellow it looked like we had a corncob in our mouth!

Suffice to say, that was the last of him (and the beginning of seven years bad luck).

But our visit to Dallas Laser Dentistry proved to be way less Fear Factor and way more spa-like (well, as spa-like as you can be while wearing a lead apron).

The open-room structure, tranquil plant/fountain area dividers and panoramic view of Dallas helped to melt away the anxiety about metal rods scraping at our teeth. Plus, the bedside chair-side manner of Dr. Mary Swift was refreshingly tender, nothing like the Little Shop of Horrors moment playing through our overactive imagination.

Aside from just regular dental care and check ups, Dallas Laser Dentistry, as the name implies, specializes in laser teeth whitening. In just over an hour, they can zap your chompers almost eight shades whiter all without the embarrassing speech impediment of those over-the-counter strips.

Or, if your snags are just beyond repair, invest in a set of veneers so you can look just like your favorite anchorman.

Laser Whitening: $850
Veneers: about $1,200 per tooth
Dallas Laser Dentistry
7515 Greenville Avenue, Dallas
(214) 739-8888