Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fan Du SOLey

Just like DJ so-and-so lives to remix your favorite Lady GaGa song with some obscure disco tune, the folks in the culinary world are always striving for that next winning combination of foodie fusion.

Thus far, Asian cuisine seems to be winning the race for the most mixed-up-gone-mainstream. That was until we tried SOLey restaurant, a pioneer in the gastronomic swingers’ club gleefully mixing together French and Mexican cuisines.

We’ll pause for a moment to let those to flavors sink in.

At first, the thought is kind of horrifying with visions of Crêpe Suzette Carne Asada or Escargot Enchiladas dancing through your head. But the reality is actually delicious.

Kick start the palate play with an appetizer like the Les Saint Jacques, which brings together chile-paste marinated sea scallops atop a bed of leek fondue with orange foam.

Oh wait, it gets even fancier and more inventive!

For dinner, choose from options like Filete De Pescado, Red Snapper served with cilantro-jalapeño risotto and artichoke broth, or the Puerco Al Ancho, an ancho-pepper covered pork chop with truffle corn puree and a tequila demi glace.

If you need some thing to wash it all down, the Sangria is also excellent. Plus you can wow your date by tying the cherry stem from the fruity garnish into a knot using only your tongue!

And how better to end a night of cross-cultural hedonism than with a dessert like the Rompope Crème Brûlée, a Mexican inspired eggnog flavor made with rum. Yum!

SOLey Restaurant
2405 North Henderson, Dallas
(214) 485-1302