Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Red Velvet If You Please

It’s amazing how a cupcake can improve our mood, especially one from Sprinkles.

Now we know, we know. Everyone in Dallas is well aware of the cupcake chain by now. Well, except for those citizens without TVs, radios, newspapers, computers or olfactory senses when approaching the intersection of Preston Road and Northwest Highway.

But this week, there’s a sense of urgency to get into the bakery. This week, and this week only, there’s a special exclusive-to-Dallas flavor: Red Velvet Coconut.

We’ve always thought that the Red Velvet was Sprinkles’ greatest flavor (only slightly ahead of the Banana Dark Chocolate) but the addition of flaky coconut to the cream-cheese icing on the spongy red goodness is almost beyond words. But we’ll try.

Sublime. Addictive. Rub-it-all-over-our-bodies delicious.

Yet the best part of this special cupcake is that all proceeds from this treat will be given to Dallas Contemporary to support their annual capital campaign. The letter “B” on the cupcake is a tribute to Brooke Hortenstine, the chairperson of the Premiere Peek Party put on by the local artspace.

And the “B” should be even bigger because she’s the beloved soul who chose the winning flavor that we’re still finding in places we didn’t know we had. (You know, from the whole body-rubbing episode.)

So don’t feel guilty this week when you buy several dozen of these bad boys. After all, how often can you ingest that many fat grams and carbs and actually turn them into something besides a muffin top?

$3.25 each; $36.00/dozen
Available only through Saturday, February 7
4020 Villanova Street, Dallas
(214) 369-0004