Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Hammered

So it’s been a month and the determination to fulfill resolutions may be dwindling as fast as our Bank of America stock.

Even though we enjoy the gradual clearing out of the post-resolution gym, we’re here to help keep your goals on track.

Well, not us. We’re too encumbered fighting off the urge for a breakfast lunchtime cocktail, thusly ruining our resolution (and probably our afternoon paperwork).

Instead, it’s the fabulously friendly website Pledge Hammer that is lending a hand to those wavering on their promises.

Simply enter your resolution into the clean and easy-to-use interface and your goal is set in stone (or Times New Roman font) on the website.

How is that supposed to give me the extra push, you ask? Simple: with guilt, which is something we gays know our way around, like Target.

Once you’ve entered your resolution (or any goal, for that matter) on the site, you’re asked to pledge an amount to donate to a charity of your choice, should you fail. The post is then available for all to see, along with a gentle reminder that a promise is a promise.

Don’t worry; like all good deals made online, your posting on Pledge Hammer can remain anonymous.

We’re not sure what happens if you don’t keep your pledge, but just the thought of possibly receiving a dead fish in the mail is helping us stay on track. Broken kneecaps we could handle; metaphors for va-jay-jays winding up at our doorstep scare the butch right out of us.

So the fire to keep our resolutions going has been reignited – which is unfortunate for the Help a Transgender Get Her Boobs program.

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