Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Some Like It Hot

What gay doesn’t love a good locker room scene? Well, have we got a scenic one for you!

At the newly opened King Spa & Sauna, the focus is truly on relaxation and leisure. This gigantic Korean spa is filled with traditional healing remedies, but none more noteworthy than its nine unique sauna rooms.

Think of it as an all-you-can-heat buffet.

Our favorite is the Fire Sudatorium (sweating bath), which is as the name implies, extremely hot. But its combination of heat and aromatherapy work to improve metabolic rates and also detoxify the body.

(We tried to stay in there for 22 hours in a row after our fall off the wagon last Saturday night, but they wouldn’t let us.) Two hours per day is recommended, but only at a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

There’s also an oxygen room, an ice room, a room made from imported Korean yellow soil and a sauna shaped like a pyramid. Each has its own unique healing properties.

Everything is in Korean, but most signs are translated into English, too. A sign in the men’s locker room touted “Special Massage,” but we soon learned that it meant the massage was at a special price. Sigh.

An onsite restaurant serves Korean specialties in case you stay so long you miss a meal or two.

Inside the locker rooms, there are gender-specific wet areas featuring tubs at various temperatures from very hot to extremely cold, standing showers, seated showers, a steam room and more.

Leave your clothes and modesty at the door, but be a good ambassador for the gays. This isn’t that kind of bath house.

The owners are enthusiastic about welcoming the gay community to mingle with theirs. They recently hosted the North Texas GLBT Chamber and they’re also offering Gay List Daily subscribers a special discount on their first visit (see end of e-mail).

You could literally stay here for hours (and on weekends, they’re open 24). All saunas and the wet area are included in the day pass with extra services such as massage, acupressure or a vigorous all-body scrub for an extra fee.

Driving past places like “Sexy Paradise House of Massage,” “Happy, Happy Model Town” and other seedy establishments may make you think twice, but hang in there. Once you arrive at the gigantic King Spa & Sauna, you’re in for an experience completely unique to Dallas.

Just remember to take your shoes off at the door and open your mind to a world of healing tradition.

$18/Day Pass; monthly and yearly memberships available
King Spa & Sauna
2143 Joe Field Road, Dallas
(214) 420-9070

Exclusive Gay List Daily Offer:
Print out this e-mail for discounted admission price of only $10. One per person. Expires February 28.