Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Size Queens Rejoice

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret. Although we’re gayer than a Grey Goose cocktail, there is one cliché gay thing that the Gay List Daily boys don’t love.

We’ll give you a hint. It involves taking off our clothes; it works better when we’re sober; and it rhymes with Top (of course we love everything that rhymes with Bottom…).

That’s right. Shop! Ugh. We hate it.

Just walking into Barneys raises our blood pressure and brings out our inner-Edina: “You only work in a shop, you know. You can drop the attitude.”

And the Barneys Warehouse Sale? No thank you. We actually prefer paying full price while being mistreated by snooty salesmen who are much too busy being thin to do much else.

However, like most relatively shallow people, we like to look our best. And we definitely heart a sale.

Luckily we’ve discovered Shop It To Me! Their weekly “Salemail” warms our cold little hearts almost as much as their discount designer cashmere does!

The concept is brilliant. Sign up for free, select your favorite apparel brands (including 7 For All Mankind, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, etc.), give them your (honest) measurements and shoe size, and then wait for an email to alert you to online sales in your specific sizes!

It really couldn’t be easier. You order directly from well-known retailers (Saks, Bloomies, Banana Republic), so shipping and return policies can vary.

Now if only someone would hurry up and invent BoyfriendItToMe.com…