Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Electric Slide

You can lead a gay man to sports, but you can’t make him play. That is unless there’s drinking and bumping involved. And that’s just how we came to learn that our limp wrists were perfect for slinging balls and scoring goals during WhirlyBall.

Mixing together elements of lacrosse, basketball and hockey, WhirlyBall is a team sport played in bumper cars. So, rule number one is you must have friends (or cash to bribe the homeless). You can get by with as few as six players, but the court will hold up to eight.

We should mention that the bumper cars also have no brakes and a steering column that can spin your car 360 degrees, so it’s kind of like driving one of the Tea Cups from the Disneyland rides. Add a few cocktails to the mix and get ready for the room to really spin.

Teams are sorted by color of car. (We opted for red to match our eyes.)

Once the ref blows the whistle, the object is to drive your car, scoop the ball and smack the goal. All while avoiding the other team, and looking flawless of course.

But even for the sports-hardened lesbians who escorted us to the sketchy reaches of Northwest Highway, it’s much easier to describe than it is to play. Nonetheless, you’ll certainly have fun trying.

And who knows, may be you’ll even get a hole-in-one touch down home run in the eleventh inning.

Go team you!

Basic room rental package starts at $149
WhirlyBall of Dallas
3641 West Northwest Highway, Dallas
(214) 350-0117