Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Clue Card

Wasn’t Valentine’s Day so much better as a kid? All you did was cut a slit in a lunch bag, glue some hearts and doilies on the side and then wait for the classroom full of well-wishers to shower you in love notes.

Of course, because we were members of the Martha Stewart Junior Fan Club, our notes were each printed on handmade paper created from recycled dryer lint and finished off with calligraphy and 14-karat-gold-leaf accent.

But we especially loved the holiday because it was the one time of year when it was totally socially acceptable for young boys to write love notes to other boys. (As long as said love notes were printed on G.I. Joe or Transformers valentines, of course.)

Sadly, in the real world, no co-workers gather around our desk with pun-filled valentines featuring images of bugs asking to “Bee Mine.” In fact, we’re lucky if our own sweetheart even remembers Hallmark’s favorite holiday.

But a recent trip to Avant Garden took us on a trip down memory lane with a collection of cards from Missing Q Press. Featuring boy-boy, girl-girl and boy-girl imagery with a tiny thought bubble filled with a heart in between, these hand-printed cards made us feel as giddy as that “kiss me” candy from Tommy Schumacher that “accidentally” ended up in our V-day mailbox in fourth grade.

Plus, all the cards are printed on 100 percent recycled cotton paper. You’ll be so earth friendly, Al Gore might even want to be your valentine.

Missing Q Press Cards: $6.50 each
Avant Garden
4 Highland Park Village, Dallas
(214) 559-3432