Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Give ‘Em The Old Zazzle Dazzle

Many of us see ourselves as artists, especially when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Any major fashion house worth its salt-scrubbed vintage tee has a homo at the helm.

And while the gays are a genius genus, we rarely have an opportunity to show off our true talents. At least, not without serving thirty to sixty at County.

That’s where Zazzle comes in.

Zazzle.com is an online community where you can create and purchase your very own designer impostor costume. Shirts, hats, aprons, ties, mouse pads, skateboards – nothing’s too weird to rework, rewrite and reconfigure as your own.

Looking for the perfect coffee cup for your fav work colleague? Design your own mug! Do those awful Obama commemorative plates not capture you true emotions? Browse the Obama shop!

The site’s signature star, though, is its t-shirt shop. Start with your choice of classic, fashion or sport tee, and then select the color that tickles your fancy. From there, you’re whisked off to their design area where you can upload your favorite photo or scribble some text on the shirt’s chest.

Zazzle gives you the artistic license to manipulate the type or image as you like, and they’ll print and ship your inspiration directly to your front door.

Here’s our warning, though. If you’re making one for yourself, then do just that – limite yourself to one design. Any more than that, and you’ll be single faster than you can say “that shirt makes you look like a tacky trash bumpkin eating funnel cake at the State Fair.”

We at GLD totally encourage your artistic expression, as long as you maintain artistic integrity.