Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Meat & Greet

For those not in the know, Dallas can get a bad rap (bum steer?) for being all things cowboy boots and big belt buckles. And while we have nothing against this Brokeback mystique, we know that there’s more to a man than just a tight pair of Wranglers.

But truth be told, if a guy really wants to win our heart, he’s gotta have a great sausage.

There we said it, and we are not ashamed. How else can he cook up that Italian Sausage and Peppers that we so desperately crave? And we know just the place to find said salami, as big and beefy as they come: Jimmy’s Food Store.

A frequent haunt of Dallas foodies, Jimmy’s is an authentic Italian meat market (cue the Godfather-inspired violins) jam-packed with aisle after aisle of homemade pastas, succulent sauces and, of course, MEAT.

But you don’t just have to drop in to get tomorrow’s groceries, you can also order hot sandwiches on-site like the ooey-gooey Meatball Sub or the ever-popular Muffuletta (well, more popular with some than with others).

Jimmy’s also has an extensive wine collection and tons of take-home-and-serve meals that will have you singing “Can’t Help Loving That Manicotti of Mine” in no time.

Just tell ‘em Gay List Daily sent you to put the sissy back in Sicilian.

Jimmy’s Food Store
4901 Bryan Street, Dallas
(214) 823-6180