Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

On The Radio

We’d like to believe that most songs on the radio are about us, or at least dedicated to our unblemished legacy. Even Carly Simon has written a song about our well-known qualities.

However, our legions of admirers had no true forum to express their musical love for us until the Fauxshow came along.

Based in the UK, the Fauxshow has created our new favorite gift to give to the person who has everything (or, perhaps like us, the person who thinks everything is about them): a personalized radio show devoted entirely to their honor.

The concept was created by two cute Brit “hens” (that’s British for “women,” we hear), both with a vibrant past in the radio broadcast industry.

Gifters choose a package (bigger is always better) for the receiver, and have friends and family members “call in” to the show to leave a message and dedicate a song. The Fauxshow girls act as radio DJs, leading the listener in and out of the commemorative program.

The “broadcast” is then polished over with professional sound effects and mixing, and shipped to the purchaser’s door.

It’s perfect for moms or brides (both of the male and female variety), and even good for commemorating special occasions like Mr. Wet Underwear 2009 or the next regional Bear Run.

So unlike our other delusions (“we’re versatile”; “we look good in pink”), the songs on the radio really are played in our honor.

Packages start around $286 (£200)
The Faux Show welcomes international orders