Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The El Word

Dining out is like shopping. Sometimes the best finds are simple, not flashy. (Yes, we are talking to you Mr. Rhinestone-encrusted Ed Hardy Tee.) That is why we love, love, love the Bishop Arts hole-in-the-wall El Jordan Café.

Just like that well-worn favorite pair of jeans that always makes our butt look extra bubbly, El Jordan is always there to dish up the perfect breakfast burrito, migas or pancake, egg and sausage combo no matter which way the fickle foodie winds may be blowing.

Come to think of it, El Jordan is like the Toto to our Dorothy, except this Toto gives us weight-gain stretch marks and post-meal narcolepsy. But who’s complaining when you can fill up on burritos for as little as $1.25 a pop?

And along with the pocketbook-pleasing prices comes an ambiance all its own: walls faux-finished in hues of electric blue; an assortment of mismatched booths that we hear came from the old Sue Ellen’s; vibrant oilcloths on the tables and a dusty assortment of odds and ends affixed to the walls. It’s enough to give a good-design loving gay a tchotchke coronary, but the deliciousness of the food helps you forget.

Speaking of coronaries, El Jordan is also home to the quintessential greasy hamburger. You know, the kind that can only be created on a stovetop that’s seen years of action.

Just make sure to get your grub on early as they close daily at 3:00 p.m., which leaves you plenty of time for a disco nap and a trip to the girdle emporium before heading out to the clubs!

El Jordan Café
416 North Bishop Avenue, Dallas
(214) 941-4451
(Note: No Web site)
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