Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sapien, Homos.

Brazilian. Men. Need we say more?

Well, we probably should. Because we’re talking about Sapien Men, Brazil’s first organic body care line for men. And even though it’s not quite as exciting as South American studs giving us a full-body rubdown, we are in lust with these products.

It seems we have a new favorite skincare product every day, and though we’re easily susceptible to the allure of a new fragrance or bunny-free moisturizer, we really do believe in every product we tell you about.

And because that hot guy at Whole Foods is all about organic products, we like to let bottles of Sapien fall out of our bags as we pass him in the aisles.

“Oh, sorry. That’s our organic gluten-free amaranth protein, Cupuaçu and Macadamia shaving cream! Pardon our clumsiness,” we’ll say. “Why yes, we’d love to meet you for a soy latte after your shift.”

And speaking of the shave cream, we really like the way it glides on our skin. But be warned, this isn’t going to foam up like that stuff in a can.

And it’s so free-flowing, that we recommend you hold it with the bottle at a 90-degree angle to help control the squirtage. If you dispense it spout-side down, you’ll likely end up with a huge handful of manly smelling cream.

Next, vigorously rub the cream in your hand before applying to get it to its most viscous and then apply to a warm, wet beard (like Katie Holmes in a swimming pool).

The result is a super-close shave that’s as good-looking as it is cruelty-free.

Then you can proudly walk into JR’s and tell everyone you want them to check out your Brazilian shave. You’ll get all sorts of free drinks and indecent proposals. Try getting that with Barbasol!

Shave Cream $17
(Lasts for up to 3 months with daily use)