Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

See Spot Run

That damn Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, makes it all look so easy. One rational conversation with some berserk dog and next thing you know that bitch (the dog, not Cesar) is sitting in the corner filling out the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Meanwhile, we’ve moved over to more of the Dog Yeller route trying everything just short of bartering with a honey-baked ham to get our pups to even sit still for a moment.

But because we’ve got the bigger brain, and opposable thumbs, we’ve finally figured out a way to get the upper hand paw in this dog-eat-dog battle of wits.

Enter the Jog A Dog, a treadmill made specifically for man’s best friend.

And for the hounds lucky enough to be a gay man’s best friend, that means running out all that feisty Fido energy to the latest remix of “If U Seek Amy” on a tiny canniPod (note to self: trademark canniPod).

Available in four sizes, small through extra large, we think that Jog A Dog is the must-have accessory for anyone who has ever encountered hyperactive, Mach 5 tail wagging at the end of a day when you can barely take another step.

But with a price tag starting at almost $1,200, we might just opt to hire Cesar himself.