Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

LED The Way

When we go riding on the freeway of love (in a pink Cadillac, natch), it only takes one grandma going 30 in the fast lane to sour the whole experience. After all, how are we supposed to feel the rush of the wind through our Thelma & Louise head wrap with Miss Daisy slowing our roll?

But rather than going from zero to road-rage-bitch in 4.2 seconds, we can now just zoom past granny and happily flip her the electronic bird thanks to our favorite new gadget: Drivemocion.

As if we didn’t already have enough to keep us engaged while driving between phoning, texting, eating, filing our nails and occasionally reading a book, now we can convey our inner-most feelings to the person behind us with the flip of a switch.

Plus, unlike the neon lights and hydraulic shocks we had added to our pimped ride, the Drivemocion is effortless to install. Just stick up the suction cup mounted sign then select a message du jour from the wireless remote control.

Maybe you’ll get a better response from the animated winking face we flashed to that Range Rover full of frat boys. Good thing we had hours of driving practice from Grand Theft Auto to help with our getaway.

Drivemocion Car Message Signs
Starting at around $15