Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Well Spa De Dah

Okay, quick poll: who likes a back rub? See, it’s unanimous. Maybe that question should have been part of the stimulus package negotiations. It would have sailed through bipartisan approval.

We are total massage junkies. In fact, we would back it up to a homeless man on the street as long as he could promise to work the knots out.

Unfortunately, living in the lap of luxury can have its cost. Liposuction can leave you dimpled, Botox can leave you paralyzed and massages can leave you feeling more greasy than a taqueria lunch sans napkin.

So we figured as long as we are gonna get lubed up, it might as well be earth friendly.

Enter Spa Habitat, an organic spa and apothecary. They’ve done all the research to make sure that all their products and services are organic and green, so we can go back to worrying about more important issues, like how much longer until the Jonas Brothers won’t be considered “jail bait.”

Among the highlights of this eco-savvy getaway are the Green Peace Massage, a Swedish-inspired number specializing in long strokes (yep, we’re stroke queens); the Terra Firma deep tissue massage; and the Organic Rocks! Massage with hot basalt stones.

Plus, during the month of February, add $10 per person to any massage to upgrade it to an Organic Chocolate Massage. Then throw a cherry on top and call it a Sundae, or a Saturday. Whichever.

Massages start at $85
Spa Habitat (West Village)
3699 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(214) 522-9989

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