Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Uptown, Girl

It’s rough being today’s gay on the go (not to be confused with a go-go gay).

No sooner have we finished working out with the personal trainer, spray tanning, organic veggie shopping, visiting the hair salon and taking the dog for his weekly acupuncture treatment, when bam it’s already time for a Botox body treatment, our Bel Ami book club meeting and a coffee date with a could-be mass murderer off of Craig’s List.

Whew. How’d we get so harried?

If your schedule is anything like ours, then we know you’ll be quick to take your tired, dirty chassis to the Uptown Car Wash. Not only can they make your hot rod sparkle, you can fill that precious downtime with America’s favorite pastime: shopping. And not just shopping for various scents of pine trees to hang off the rear view mirror.

Uptown Car Wash carries a large selection of candles, Texas-themed items, picture frames, calendars, hostess gifts and even beer and wine (good stuff in a bottle and everything).

There’s also an extensive card collection, perfect for those unexpected holidays like the ever-popular National Frozen Food Day (March 6, duh). And, if you’re one of those Yuppie business types, you can stop by the in-store Shoe Shine Station for a quick penny loafer polish.

As if that didn’t already seal the deal, Uptown Car Wash offers a 24-hour rain check policy. If it rains within a day of your car getting washed just bring it back (along with your receipt) for a free wash the next business day.

Now if we could just talk them into filing our taxes, handling our dry cleaning and aligning our Chakras.

Seriously, a little customer service goes a long way.

Uptown Car Wash
2501 North Field Street, Dallas
(214) 303-1515