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Sucking Up…

Even though we’ve been compared to a Hoover, there are a few things our masterful technique can’t quite accomplish as successfully as the vacuum.

But when it comes to the dust and Cliff Bar particles wedged in the crevices of our computer keyboard, a different caliber of suction is needed.

We know; we’ve tried cleaning the keyboard with our house vacuum and it sucked the B, T, and M keys away into oblivion (to be fair, we’ve sucked a few T, O, Ps into oblivion, too).

Without the BTM keys, how are we supposed to type out our next Craig’s List personal?

Thankfully, the USB Vacuum is here to help clear the crumbs from our QWERTYs. The vintage-looking mini powerhouse plugs straight gayly into any USB port, and is immediately ready to put our Hoover-ing skills to shame.

Yes, it’s true: we have a reputation for liking things bigger than average. But the miniature vacuum’s timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. With spring cleaning season upon us, the vacuum’s scale matches the amount of cleaning we complete each year: very little.

Now if the creators could invent a tiny, keyboard-friendly mop (for those times when our personal ads aren’t successful) our computers would be completely spotless.

USB Vacuum: $15

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