Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

If Your Friends Walked Off To Cliff…

There are far worse jobs in the world than eating our way through Dallas in search of worthy honorees for our coveted Brunch of the Month honor. So for March’s designee, we were delighted to rediscover one of Gay List Daily’s very first subjects: Cliff Café.

Not only is the food reminiscent of the very best home-cooked breakfast, but it’s also probably one of the biggest values in town.

Each plate is piled high with delicious staples such as Sweet Potato Pecan Pancakes. Add two eggs, choice of bacon or sausage, potatoes or grits, and biscuits, toast or English muffin and the whole shebang will only set you back 10 bucks.

Breakfast tacos, on the other hand, are merely as big as half your head so they don’t really classify as large by Cliff Café standards, but because they put two on your plate…you might just need the elastic pants again.

They also go into bacon territory rarely explored in Big D. In addition to good ol’ porky bacon, they also serve up bacon imposters made of turkey or tempeh.

Ummm, whatev.

Kudos on the political correctness, but honeys, tempeh is not bacon. Perhaps it’s just a sick joke among the kitchen staff.

The holy grail of brunchy goodness at Cliff Café, however, is their dense, crisp Biscuits and Gravy, which is easily among the best in town.

With food this good, we found ourselves not even needing one of their free-flowing Mimosas. A booze-free brunch? Yes, Virginia, it’s entirely possible.

Cliff Café at the Hotel Belmont
901 Fort Worth Avenue, Dallas
(214) 393-4141