Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pearly. Right.

There’s something to be said about touting a “secret recipe” as part of your company’s shtick. It’s worked for Colonel Sanders and that guy and dog from the Bush’s Baked Beans commercials, so why should it not work for the new hipster coffee shop taking up residence on Henderson?

Open for just a few weeks now, The Pearl Cup is probably already on the Starbucks hit list after luring away regulars with an actual authentic coffee experience (read: a real-life mug and music that’s not available for purchase at the counter).

Add to that an addictive “secret recipe” Pearl Latte and a smattering of foodie options and you have just cause to get the locals lining up like addicts at the Methadone clinic.

With one whole wall devoted to windows facing Henderson, The Pearl Cup will definitely become Dallas’ see-and-be-seen spot for Saturday mornings. And that’s fine by us, because we think the stained concrete floors and industrial metal tables really bring out the blue in our eyes.

And if matching our surroundings wasn’t appealing enough, we’re also drawn in by the fact that we can nosh on an Olive and Cheese Plate, Hummus or a Pannini and not just baked goods. Not that we’ve ever met a pastry we didn’t like, but a boy likes to have options.

Now we just need to run to the bookstore to find the perfect book to be “reading” while sipping our latte. And by reading, we totally mean peering over the cover and passing Joan Rivers-style judgment on everyone coming through the door.

Consider that your warning Ms. Velour Track Suit!

The Pearl Cup
1900 Henderson, Dallas
(214) 824-9500