Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Excess Accessories

Maybe in a past life we were crows, because we find ourselves having an unhealthy obsession with shiny objects. So in an effort to curb our shimmer lust, we’ve taken a vow to abstain from gazing at our reflection in surfaces such as silverware, pools of water or very shiny shoes.

We’ve also decided to channel this sparkly obsession away from our wardrobe and into home furnishings. Although for the record, wearing an outfit made entirely of tinfoil and hub cabs is certainly one way to stand out in a bar full of Hollister-wearing twinks.

One of our stores du jour for finding brilliant bobbles is Mothology, an online retailer of odds and ends that we certainly don’t need but also can’t live without. You know the stuff.

Like, for example, their exquisite collection of Hobnail Mercury Glass. Now, truth of the matter is that we already have many a vase about the place, but none with such a brilliant sparkle. And really, why just look at flowers when you can look at yourself looking at flowers?

The same goes for their collection of rustic mirrors. Not only do they make the room look bigger, but also their soft-worn surfaces make it nearly impossible to see one’s crow’s feet.

Huh, there we go with the crow thing again. Maybe we are on to something…