Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Buyology of Zymology

Typically any restaurant offering “Pint Night” isn’t the kind of place that titillates our culinary g-spot. Add icky-sounding words like “yeast” to the mix, and we’d rather eat a can of SpaghettiOs under a bridge than tread inside.

But something odd happened on our unexpected perusal of Zymology, the new beer and wine bar on Lower Greenville – we discovered our dormant hops-loving gene. Well, that and a collection of food so gluttonous we felt like Henry VIII with a case of the gout by meal’s end.

Zymology is the study of fermentation, which proves to be an appropriate theme for a place that serves up more than 20 beers on tap and another 20 by the bottle, not to mention 45 different wine variations including 17 by the glass.

And it’s not the kind of joint where you’ll get condescending server attitude for not knowing the country of origin of Blonde Abbey Ale either. Our waitress was more than happy to bring out samples of anything on tap. (Suffering from drinking performance anxiety, we ultimately opted for the Monty Python Holy Grail Ale as it had the cutest label.)

But beer and wine aside, it’s the mix-and-match menu that makes Zymology the place to meet up with friends for a night of grazing. Just like you won’t find boring old domestic on their beer menu, the bar-food bar is raised with “Small Bites” like Bruscetta with goat cheese and pesto, Fried Green Tomatoes with avocado salsa or Blue Fries with bacon and chives (the color name comes from the cheese sauce they’re drizzled in).

In the entrée arena, you can choose from a selection of “Sandwich Bites”(three to a plate) including Fried Crawfish Tails with Guijillo remoulade cabbage, Proscuito with mozzarella and pesto or Grilled Chicken with tomatoes, red onions and Boursin.

And don’t even get us started on the myriad of toppings and pairings available for the Wood Fired Pies, which are available in red (marinara), green (pesto) and White (garlic and olive oil).

Who knew that a gastro pub could satisfy even the most persnickety of customers? The whole experience was enough to get us rethinking our whole “judge a book by its cover” attitude.

That was until the beer buzz wore off and we realized that without passing judgment based on looks and clothes, we’d be just a hollow shell of a person with nothing to talk about. And really, who likes that?

2020 Greenville Avenue, Dallas
(214) 954-7171