Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Harried Follicles

Are your problems as hairy as ours? Forget about the shrinking value of our 401k’s and the fact that we’re still wearing last year’s True Religions with obsolete stitching on the back buttoned pockets…

We’re talking seriously hairy. In a follicularly foul way.

Those cheap disposable Bic razors we bought on sale have given us ingrown hairs!

They may actually be razor bumps, but these days we’re too poor to go to our fabulous facialist for a dermatological diagnosis. All we know is that it feels like acne and looks like acne, but somehow has the half-life of a Hostess Twinkie (which has the shelf-life of a Twink’s shelf-like bubble butt).

Thankfully we discovered Bump Down by Barc!

No, it won’t help you fall asleep after a debaucherous evening spent powdering your nose inside notorious bathroom stalls amongst the company of disreputable strangers. But it will make those horrible razor bumps go away. Lickety split!

Bump Down quickly reduces skin irritation and ingrown hair from shaving and even prevents new bumps from occurring. Formulated with glycolic acid and triclosan, Bump Down is also enriched with chamomile extract and glycerin to calm skin while leaving it soft and moisturized.

All you do is apply Bump Down twice daily to clean, dry skin immediately after your daily shave or other form of manscaping.

And now that Bump Down has made our skin like buttah again, we’re desperately searching for a new product called 401K Up!

Bump Down by Barc