Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Can’t Think Straight…

There’s a new thinking cap for those who are sometimes accused of making decisions with different heads. Yes, we prefer the goods to be on full, proud display, but sometimes underwear is Clever.

The newest line of Clever skivvies takes advantage of the kinds of colorful graphics typically seen on tweens’ MySpace profiles or graphic tees that stock the shelves at H&M. For example, a certain pair of Clever boxer-briefs is emblazoned with a monochrome drum set, and guess where the cymbal sprouts from? (The image reminds us of this one time at band camp…)

Another pair depicts a rainbow-gradient DJ scratching records near the model’s crotch – the only time scratching in the area doesn’t require a doctor visit.

The mod designs of the new line are a refreshing update on what’s lately been a bland market. We should know, we conduct frequent underwear research, focus groups and other means of testing from the back of our Accord, or “our office” as the recession has forced us to call it.

Even considering the great things that might fill the undies, the label’s best asset is its uniqueness amongst the typical brand bore-jobs.

With the underwear party season upon us, we’ve been on the hunt for ways to keep an outfit that’s limited to one tiny item of clothing creative and stylish. We’re thinking Clever’s designs will help us stick out (no pun intended).

Now that’s just smart.

Clever Instrumental Boxer Brief: $30