Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Face The Truth

We’ve always wanted to be more like Madonna. In the late ‘80s, we got kicked out of Catechism for wearing lace gloves and an old wedding dress while learning the Stations of the Cross. In the ’90s, we single-handedly popularized the cone-bra look at our after-school job sacking groceries. And God knows we could knit a king-size bedspread out of all the Kabbalah bracelets in our underwear drawer.

Well now, we’re ready to emulate Madonna in a more grown-up way. Something that will always be in style: younger looking skin. So what better way to get that just-divorced glow than with the very treatment Madgy-Pie uses herself?

Intraceuticals is an oxygen facial system that is unlike any facial we’ve ever tried, and we’ve sampled a lot. Now we can honestly say we’ve never had a bad facial, but until now they’ve all been merely about cleaner, more vibrant skin. This treatment, though, is almost miraculous.

Intraceuticals uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology (or H.O.T.! for short) to create a re-energized look that will turn heads. Literally. When we got our first treatment, the aesthetician did one side of our face first and then held up a mirror. It was amazing to see the difference between the two sides. There we were, a living, breathing Before-and-After photo.

Thankfully, she finished the second side and transformed us into a full-fledged AFTER.

Hitting JR’s immediately following the treatment, all our friends asked what we’d done. Some guessed a brow wax because our eyelids were firmer and lifted. One queen actually believed we’d gone full Botox.

But it was all Intraceuticals.

However, like Cinderella enjoying her first ball (in more ways than one), nothing lasts forever. The effect wears off after several days, but with regular Intraceuticals facials, the results last for months!

So until we finally succumb to full-on facial reconstruction to turn back the clock, this is the best treatment going and far more affordable, relatively speaking.

Now, forgive us for cutting this short, but we’ve gotta get Lourdes, Rocco and David over to the dog park for their exercise.

Intraceuticals Facials start at $220
Available at select DFW area spas