Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Summer’s Steve

We’re no strangers to wrapping our fingers around man junk in the shower. But rarely does such an action yield clean, deodorizing results.

That was, until we showered with a different man junk – the kind that strives to make our nether regions more pleasurable…

Well, we guess we should be even clearer – a man junk that’s main goal is to clean our pipes. (We tried. The innuendos are unavoidable.)

Man Junk Body Wash’s mission is to deodorize while fighting sweat and odor-causing bacteria specific to manhood, utilizing natural and organic ingredients that aren’t harsh on the sensitive skins of our sinful areas.

Tongue-twisting tree extracts such as Totarol and Malaleuca give this intimate wash its bacteria fighting punch, and the addition of jojoba oil provides a slew of extra benefits we didn’t know we needed until now: waterproofing and accelerated healing powers.

Thinking of our fun zones as having Wolverine-like (we just like picturing Hugh Jackman down there) healing powers makes us the opposite of what the aloe vera in the soap is touted to do – soften the skin.

Making the wash a regular resident in our gym bag might provide for its best use, however.

After a sweaty workout and cruising session, the soap’s ability to mask the musk acquired during the previous 15 minutes hour and a half of fitness might boost our locker room confidence.

Best of all, we no longer have to subject ourselves to stares at the checkout line for experimenting with a purchase of Summer’s Eve. Our man junk is finally receiving the intimate attention it deserves (but it could always use a little more…).

Man Junk Body Wash: $25