Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

To Sur Con Love

How does that saying go again? “Lips that touch non-organic wine will never touch mine.” Whew, good thing we are lushes with a lesser carbon footprint ever since discovering Cono Sur Wines.

Made in Chile (just like we like our men), Cono Sur offers a range of vino created with the highest level of environmental consciousness. The grapes are grown organically sans any kind of man-made chemicals or pesticides. The winemakers are adamant promoters of sustainable agriculture and they even encourage riding bikes around the vineyard in lieu of cars.

Kind of makes you feel like an ass for driving your Hummer into work today and eating take-out from a Styrofoam container under the glow of 1000-watt, non-green light bulbs on top of that polar bear skin rug, huh?

Here’s how to make up for it. Just turn off all the lights in the office and pound some Cono Sur Pinot Noir straight from the bottle. If the boss calls you out on it, just explain that you are doing your part to reduce global warming and you may have to file a complaint about him with the Environmental Protection Agency for standing in your way.

Cono Sur Wines
$12 – $14 per bottle

Whole Foods Market
4100 Lomo Alto Drive, Dallas
(214) 520-7993

Or learn more online at www.conosur.com