Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Green Teeth?

“Green” is the new OctoMom. They’re both hogging all the media attention these days. Neither is going away anytime soon. And the quicker we just accept that fact, the easier it will be to move on with our lives.

Yet unlike the fertile Ms. Suleman, the environmental movement isn’t crazy. We really can make a difference without going all compost-y and rain-water-catchy.

Take your mouth, for instance. That thing’s been through a lot (we know, we were there), but it’s the next frontier for a healthier, greener you.

PURE Dental one of the first eco-friendly dental practices to hit the scene and lucky us, it’s right here in Dallas. The space is so chic and modern that it’s hard to believe that behind its beautiful sculpted walls and tranquil waterfall lie instruments of unbelievable torture.

We kid, we kid! We actually love going to the dentist.

But now that we’ve been to PURE, we’re trying to find reasons to go back more often. Sure, in hindsight, eating all the unpopped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bucket got us many more visits than we bargained for. Next time, we’ll opt for drinking excess red wine so that we only have to go back frequently for bleaching, not extractions.

So what makes PURE so eco? The list is longer than Kirsten Dunst’s snaggleteeth, but highlights include organic toothpastes, digital x-rays and impressions, non-toxic crowns (just like our non-toxic tiara!), a 100 percent paper-free office, recycled building and decorative materials, and even a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system.

If you walk, bike or ride the DART rail, you’ll even get a discount.

While you wait, check your e-mail from their Mac stations, or connect to your own laptop via free Wi-Fi. And once you’re in the dental chair, watch satellite TV or listen to a customized iPod music mix. It’s just like being in a gay bar, but with only one person’s hand in your mouth.

So when it comes time to pamper your pearly whites, think green. And most definitely think PURE.

PURE Dental
Mockingbird Station (upstairs above Margarita Ranch)
5321 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas
(214) 824-7873

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