Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Homo Box Office

Whether it’s across the pond in Mary ol’ England or down under the covers with the boys from Oz, gay humor is often better executed with an accent.

HBO has been wise to the phenomenon for some time, but it was last year’s lineup that solidified its place in the world of gay comedy. Both Little Britain U.S.A. and Summer Heights High drew in audiences, and had us sitting upright on our sofa for the first time in months (we’re usually on our backs).

In a fit of desperation and on the dourest of Dow days, we made the unfortunate decision to spend our extra money on expensive vodka, while canceling our subscription to premium cable. By the end of the hour, both Summer Heights and the bottle were distant memories.

But thankfully the recession hasn’t forced us to trade our DVD player for back-alley protein shakes, because Little Britain U.S.A. and Summer Heights High are out on DVD!

Yeah, the American version of the hit British comedy didn’t fare well with critics, but a few of the new Little Britain USA characters are outrageously funny, like the homo-erotic bodybuilders Mark and Tom (pictured). Still, openly-gay Matt Lucas and hetero-humorist David Williams make this little show a big hit.

But if you prefer going down under, the Summer Heights High DVD might get you off better.

Everything the last few Christopher Guest films haven’t been, the Australian series follows three characters (all played by Chris Lilley) in sidesplitting mockumentary form. Though each of the comedian’s chameleonic portrayals soar, it’s teenage bitch Ja’mie (pronounced Jah-may) who’s our favorite, probably because watching her reminds us of our time spent as the popular girl in private school.

Finally, DVDs worth buying that we can leave out when our families come to visit.

Little Britain USA: $20
Summer Heights High: $30