Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Plug, Park & Ride

Let’s face it, we might be waiting years for the first cool-looking electric car to roll off the assembly line. Sure, if we wanted to drive around in a giant toaster on wheels, we’d have plenty of options. But you know us, we’re very selective in where we’re seen putting our butts.

So in the meantime, we’ve found some fun alternatives to the ol’ four-door sedan with the really sweet rims we’ve been driving to Sonic every afternoon for half-price Slushes.

At the newly opened Blitz in Deep Ellum, you’ll find every size two-wheeler imaginable. From electric scooters and bicycles all the way up to sexy motorcycles, Blitz specializes in high-mileage vehicles that are earth-friendly and affordable.

Want a staggering statistic? On average, you can drive one of the Blitz motorcycles, mopeds or bikes for 12,000 miles for only about $150. Try doing that with a Hummer. Hell, try doing that with a pair of roller skates.

Personally, we’re not really motorcycle kind of guys, even though we still have a strange Fonzie fetish that overtakes us at the most inopportune moments. Therefore we’re kind of partial to the Lithium battery-powered bicycles, especially since we have that Triathlon coming up.

Gold medal, you’re ours to lose!

2924 Main Street, Dallas
(214) 749-0095