Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Amb-ass-adors of Apparel

There are some things that just have to be said.

But after our last chakra balancing and anal bleaching, we’ve decided to become a new person and keep our often-sassy mouths shut. (We give it until Pride, when the crowds are rife with gossip-worthy possibilities.)

Until then, we’re cheating karma with a technicality in the form of the wonderful Swish Embassy tees.

This G-A-Y label (yes, the capitals are necessary) must be psychic, because it offers t-shirts that say everything we’re thinking, at every moment of the day.

Shirts like “I Love Caulk,” “Let’s Compare Bats” and “No Gag Reflex” have us exclaiming an overdue “finally!” Though most gyms in the country have some of the above sayings written near our names and phone numbers, it’s about time we’re able to put our face with our eternal call to duty.

Besides shirts with sayings, Swish Embassy also offers vintage-style athletic tees (“Big Load” and “Balls Deep”), as well as tanks and shirts aimed at bears, emblazoned with a sexy tatted sailor. Despite the category, all sayings and images are screen printed on fantastic muscle Mary-fitted tees, meaning they aren’t distended and are perfect for any queen.

The Big Load fits so perfectly, we’ve started to hunt for a home on the Swish countryside.

All t-shirts are $19.95

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