Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Can You Queer Me Now?

Judging by the recent number of “Hammer Pants” sightings we’ve noticed, today’s fashion is favoring the ’80s hardcore. But just the thought of trying to pull off oversized shoulder pads again is enough to take the curl right out of our Ogilvie Home Perm. Really, what’s the obsession with making the obsolete chic again every other decade?

And it’s not just the fashionistas who wallow in nostalgia; the gadget guys are going for it too.

Exhibit A, Your Honor: the YUBZ TALK Mobile Retro Handset, an old-school receiver and cord that plugs directly into your cell phone. Because who doesn’t miss the joys of tangled cords and neck injury from “hands-free calling” created by cradling the phone to your ear with your collarbone? (Hmm, maybe those great big shoulder pads really did serve a purpose!)

But all trash talking aside, we can see how these devices have become big sellers. You’ve got one whole audience who never grew up with cords and see them as vintage trend for hipsters. Then there’s a second group drawn down Memory Lane revisiting the hours they spent tethered to the landline carefully dissecting the plot arc of Charles In Charge.

Let’s just hope they can keep up with the supply and demand; or paraphrase the great RuPaul, “YUBZ better work, bitch!”

YUBZ TALK Mobile Retro Handset: $42
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