Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We’ve Been Queerantined

It’s hard to admit, but we’ve been victimized by fashion in the past. Gays are simply more prone to ravenous trends than others. In fact, just last week we visited the memorials for the victims of the trucker hats and Uggs epidemics.

One trend we believed we were too stylish to be consumed by is the Snuggie movement.

Considering the fleece blanket with sleeves is sold via infomercials, we thought it had cornered a strictly frumpy demographic. But with such a high camp-factor, young hipsters – including a few gays – are wearing their Snuggies with pride.

Unable to be contained, the hideous trend has spread, and now affected cities across the U.S. are celebrating with a Snuggie bar crawl. Coming up this month in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C., the bar crawl has penetrated our radar (don’t worry, we were willing) and piqued our interests.

After studying the bar crawls’ itineraries, enthusiasts simply arrive at any of the bars decked out in their Snuggie duds, and proceed to drink away any last minute sartorial shame.

So though it’ll be hard to admit a year from now, we’re ordering our Snuggie so we can finally manage to wear an even skankier outfit than usual into the bars. Because there will probably be a healthy mix of straight boys attending the crawls, we’re hoping we’re not the only ones who’ll take advantage of the Snuggie’s hospital-gown-like open back.

For a list of Snuggie Pub Crawl cities and dates, visit www.snuggiepubcrawl.com

Get you own Snuggie ($19.95 + S&H) at www.getsnuggie.com