Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gayin’ With The Wind

Oh, fiddle-dee-dee. If you’re thinking about traveling to Atlanta tomorrow, or any time soon for that matter, it’s time to do a little homo-work first.

The Out Traveler: Atlanta recently hit the streets like a $13.56-an-hour hooker in search of a few good gay men lookin’ to go down south. And then to Georgia!

The fourth book in a series of travel guides (including New York, Hawaii and South Florida), TOT:A is by far the most comprehensive book about the Atlanta’s gay life and culture.

Did you know that the Georgia capital is the third largest gay mecca in the U.S.? (We did, because GayListDaily is expanding there soon, but we’re freaky little overachievers when it comes to being know-it-alls. Especially when it comes to gay geographical trivia.)

Featuring everything you’d expect in a good travel book, like dining recommendations, things to do and places to stay, the guide takes things one gay step further by including interesting facts about the city’s gay history – including an entire page on Little Richard. Try finding that in Zagat!

We religiously use each of the current Out Traveler guides, now we’re just waiting for them to add more destinations to the series so we can learn all the gay there is to know where ever we may go.