Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hard Out Here For A Pimp

A little wiggle room would be nice.

For years we’ve been taking it, packing it in and just cramming everything we could into a very tight area. It was easier when we were younger and could just toss junk around, without a second thought. But now, beyond our twink era, at an age which in gay –similarly to dog years – requires an algebraic calculation to deduce, a little room for movement would inspire sighs of excitement.

As with a lot of open spaces and those looking to fill them, the internet is rife with opportunity.

Rejuvenating our apartment and thus our sanity is a new marketplace launched from Southern California, the capital of overcrowded spaces: Homstie.com. Bypassing the expensive storage rental buildings that remind us of serial killer exposés on America’s Most Wanted, the service allows those looking for affordable storage to comingle with those who have extra space to rent.

Whether it’s an unused parking space, closet, bedroom or cupboard, landlords list what they’ve got to offer on Homstie for free. Renters browse listings by price, location or size-of-space, also for free. In fact, the only fees the service charges are optional, applied if users want Homstie to draft a professional contract, or if they’d prefer their advertisements to be featured or highlighted.

Ever since we came cart-wheeling out of the closet, we’ve been too preoccupied with a fabulous gay lifestyle to fill the remaining void within. Now with Homstie, we can rent out our unused closet and make a bit of cash in the process.

Is it illegal to ask for money in an ad with a headline that reads “Fill our void with your goods?”

Free to list or respond to ads
$19 for customized contract
$3 for a featured space
$2 for a highlighted space

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