Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cultural (Gear) Shift

Spending a quarter of the day on the road is an unfortunate side-effect of modern life. But luxury and eco-friendliness don’t have to be mutually exclusive while doing so.

Since we love the environment but are frightened of big commitments, Green SUV is our suggestion for proving our love to Mother Earth. (We’ve always been momma’s boys.)

Like most ground transportation outfits, Green SUV corrals a fleet of sleek, hi-tech vehicles, but because its fleet strictly consists of hybrids, the company might be the smartest choice in pampered local travel.

Don’t think that Green SUV will be sending the played-out Prius or a homely Honda Hybrid. Nope, the company’s fleet includes top-of-the-line Escalades and Yukons, and will soon feature Porsches and hydrogen fuel celled vehicles.

While the makes and models are lavish enough to arouse the paparazzo’s attention, it’s the mobile wi-fi, DirecTV and extreme eco-friendliness that melt our manties right off in the backseat (which, honestly, doesn’t happen often).

Thanks to the new company, we now have a crotch shot circulating tawdry tabloids.

Adding to our admiration, the company was selected for ground transportation at the Oscars and Golden Globes, among other high profile events. We understand why – in this day and age, it’s faux pas to ride ‘em big, and Green SUV allows us to remain Earth-friendly size queens.

Rates vary depending on city and destination