Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beam Us Up, Hottie

We haven’t touched sticks with various men on the floor of a professional conference since the summer of ’04. Our disciplinary probation is almost up, and the timing couldn’t be better. With the Mingle Stick, we’ll be asking men from all corners of life to whip it out, and share their information.

In the gay world “whip out your stick” in no way indicates a desire to trade contact info. In fact, if one utters the phrase to another in the darkroom of a bar, it’s pretty unlikely that any information will be exchanged. Soon that may change, as it’s now easier than ever to digitally swap contact info such as email addresses and social network profiles with the tip of your stick.

Like a digital business card, users at events like conferences, conventions, speed dates and parties carry their virtual contact info within the device. When they meet a person of interest, the two simply bring their device together, and press a button to make a connection.

But Mingle, unlike a certain religious leader, stresses safety and precaution in the coming together of individuals. No matter the amount of sticks they come across, a mingler’s information (like email, phone numbers, events and calendars, and social networking profiles) isn’t disseminated until they return home, log onto their profile and decide what info is their new contacts are entitled to.

The technology obviously won’t catch real traction until its presence becomes ubiquitous. Or in other words, like we always say, the more sticks we see whipped out at a party, the better.

The Mingle Stick is currently available for business events
Sticks for personal use will launch soon