Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Smell Of The Future…

The economy has helped us make a few new friends. Most notable of the new crew are Ben & Jerry. Unlike our circle jerk of gays, Ben & Jerry encourage us to let loose and enjoy one or six nights a week being sedentary on the sofa with a spoon. Anxiety has never tasted so good.

But the economy is showing signs of bottoming out, and while we bottomed out for years, after all the ice cream we’ve consumed to kill the fret, we might not be doing it anytime soon unless we make a change quick.

Luckily, Le Whif is saving us from going the Olsen route.

The new hi-tech product just might revolutionize the food industry. No longer is food just meant to be eaten or rubbed on the abs of a consensual partner; by breathing in chocolate particles (through the mouth), Le Whif allows consumers to satisfy their sweet teeth with a zero calorie blast.

David Edwards, Harvard professor and lead creator of the new product, believes that breathing in food is the wave of the future. Though some gays have breathed in various means of sustenance for years, inhaling chocolate (plus other chocolate flavors such as mango, raspberry and mint) is brand new territory.

And don’t worry about f’ing up your precious lungs. Now that non-smoking is de rigueur, our lungs have pansified, and are as fresh and youthful as our newly-Botoxed dimples. The chocolate particles in Le Whif are too large to make it into the lungs, but are the perfect size for lacing our palate with the good stuff.

However, though the particles are large and chocolaty, we’re almost positive Le Whif won’t curb our cravings for other forms of big chocolate. Thankfully, the Noah’s Arc DVD is at the top of our Netflix…

Ships from France
Each canister can be used more than once
Single Le Whif: $2.40
Six Pack: $13.30