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Living In A Material World…

Though it didn’t benefit us in high school, these days we enjoy sticking out. We’ve learned to celebrate what makes us different, often in decadent ways we can’t reiterate for you, lovely readers, without asking for age verification.

But there are those pesky times when the differences between being a breeder and a bottom can make life a chore. Just as in most cases, a little protection can help us take a load off, which is why we consider the services of financial planners like Icee Strain invaluable.

Whether we fully integrate and get a little credit in the straight world or not, same-sex couples are prone to confusion when it comes to mixing finances.

Though we hope to prove mother wrong (she always deplored our taste in men), should our guys not treat us like the queens we are, the last thing we need to worry about amidst a breakup is our property, mortgage, children, shared debt, etc. (which are much murkier post-dissolution domains for gay couples thanks to inequality). We prefer keeping the drama to our daytime television and club night gossip, not our financial affairs.

Thankfully, Strain understands that the financial terrain of the same-sex relationship is riddled with inequalities, and is here to help. Whether planning is focused on the aspects of a younger relationship (domestic partnership agreements, how income and expenses are handled, property rights) or those in their golden gay years (estate planning, retirement, wills), Strain can help make up for the fact that the law doesn’t allow us equal access to the grandest of financial contracts: marriage.

It’s true; we love men. But Madonna has never led us astray, and still to this day we are bona fide Material Girls. Financial planning can help us mix the two, and still come out on top. All it takes is a little time spent planning ahead.

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