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Strike A Pose, There’s Nothing To It

As much as we like to hype DIY endeavors, we also know the value of hiring a professional. From lawn care and car repair to hair coloring and male prostitutes to take to our ex’s wedding now that he’s “gone straight,” there are some levels of quality that can only be achieved by going to an expert.

In this age of mobile phone cameras, it’s as if people don’t care any more how they look or how teeny-tiny their profile photo comes up on Manhunt. Blurry, badly lit pics are hardly what you want to view when you’re old and half-blind to remind you of the good old days when you were young and half-naked.

So do what we did. Set an appointment with professional photographer Debra Gloria and get ready to preserve a few moments in time for all your Facebook friends to comment about endlessly.

But first, work out like crazy, cut the carbs, ditch the booze, and forego those burgers with Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of buns. (Diuretics, oxygen facials, and Liposuction optional).

Then suck in and smile.

Working with Debra is unlike any photo shoot you’ve ever experienced (unless you’re Mary Kate Olsen, one of our most devoted readers. Hi, MK!). There are no wagon wheels to bring up those nasty Post-Traumatic Olan Mills family photo ordeals and not a single Glamour Shots’ feather boa in sight (though we’re certain we’d know how to work one if we had to).

Instead, during your free consultation, she’ll show you a variety of photos from previous sessions to get your creative juices flowing. From there, she’ll help you figure out how to structure your actual session to maximize your time in front of the camera.

Need a new headshot for your neighborhood church’s production of Equus? No problem.

Feeling sexy? Strip down to your skivvies and let her work her lighting and shadow magic. You’ll wonder why you never considered a career in porn after you see what she can do. Or keep your clothes on and sidle up to your significant other for intimate, fun, sexy couple photos.

The studio’s completely private, so as long as it doesn’t involve a dwarf donkey, firecrackers or an assless beekeeper’s suit, she’ll most likely shoot it.

What’s best is the volume of photos you’ll get. Thanks to digital technology, you’ll walk out of your photo session with hundreds of shots ready to print at the drugstore and fill every photo frame in your house. For an extra fee, she’ll even re-touch any of your pics so that you’ll look even more perfect than you already are.

And that’s a helluva lot cheaper than the amount of Botox it would take.

Hour-long sessions start at $275.
Each additional hour is $225, or four hours for $850.00.
(214) 675-2081

Special Offer: Mention you saw this on Gay List Daily and get $100 off your photo session!

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