Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Dream Machine

Hand us any fabric and we’ll have a couture creation ready in under an hour.

Though we know our way around a needle and some thread, entrepreneurial skills are as foreign to us as hockeyball or the NRA. We took a few business courses in college to help move along our dream of launching our own fashion house, but the instructors selfishly scheduled the meeting times to coincide with boys’ polo training – not that we were on the team or anything.

Because of our business shortcomings, a collection worthy of a Heidi (from The Hills, not Project Runway; let’s be real) rests impatiently in our boudoir. It’s going to take a tad more fairy dust than we can muster to get the collection off the ground, but now that we’ve found LaunchYourLine.com, the fairy dust is abundant enough to attract even Kate Moss to our project.

The new website is a gift from God Gucci (we pray to the iconic fashion house these days), allowing anyone with the creativity and passion to start their own fashion, fragrance, health, beauty, house wares, and probably even designer lube lines to get the balls rolling.

Starting with a simple idea, budding entrepreneurs upload creations to the site, and can then sit back with a Sea Breeze while the website does the rest. Before your third cocktail, Launch Your Line will draft an appropriate business plan, place your line up for bidding from manufacturers, and even find distribution for your product, no help from a Bravo reality series needed.

Using the hipster-resurrected mullet as a metaphor, the website allows artists to remain the party up front, and takes over the much hairier and tricky business end in the back. True, we like it in the back sometimes too, but we’re often lazy bottoms and are happy to let Launch Your Line do the work for us.

It’s free to launch your line, but manufacturing and distribution services charge