Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What’s Under Our Tool Belt?

As a testament to our skills (the ones performed upright at least), neighborhoods that we’ve tirelessly worked to gentrify and call our own are now real estate hotspots for all sexual orientations.

Flexing our God-given gay superpowers, we’ve taken seedy areas from across the country and helped them blossom into high-rent neighborhoods. Unsurprisingly, our gay civic lovin’ has spread, and now gayborhoods are becoming increasingly decentralized. Though the pink sprawl is a sign of progress, when a girl needs a new tank top or prosthetic booty, where to go gay in the modern American city could be a little clearer.

Here to help are a few new mobile applications that recentralize our gay communities: GayCities and MyGayGo.

We’ve been able to sniff out the closest gay bar or club since we were 12. But unless a rainbow flag or a pair of queens blow around on the sidewalks outside of them, other businesses like restaurants, retail, spas and medical services typically fall under our radar these days.

Now referenced from our iPhone nearly as often as our calorie counter, the tools immediately sleuth our location to provide us with a richly rainbowed list of nearby gay venues and businesses.

Stuck outside of Kansas City in full drag but without any ruby red slippers for a quick escape? Simple! Load up the appligaytions to find the nearest LGBT happy hour, and you’ll soon be right at home.

Visiting San Fran and wanna make sure you’re not dining at a restaurant that supported Prop 8? Use your fingers to get the gay tools to load all over your phone, and voila, you’ll be patronizing a gay-friendly spot in no time.

The gay world may be growing larger by the minute, but with these useful mobile applications, we can take on its impressive size by quickly finding the nearest cocktail (or gay-friendly ER).


MyGayGo (pictured)
Launches soon



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