Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Cream Team

Electroclash isn’t dead; it’s merely undergone reassignment surgery. The seminal New York DIY sound that reverberated throughout the world in the early part of the decade helped us maintain a healthy six-pack thanks to strict dance floor attendance.

But electorclash’s high camp factor didn’t last. Before we knew it, the movement had become the punch line of snobby jokes.

Some quality artists that emerged from the scene have found indie success; others have vanished. But the gender bending queen who pioneered the sound is, surprisingly, fresher than ever. With a new album that we think might be her best all-around effort, Peaches is at the top of her game (with a little production help from James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco).

I Feel Cream is undeniably the artist’s most pop album to date. Don’t get us wrong, the bitch’s music is still dirtier than the 6 a.m. dance floor of White Party, but the packages are accessible tracks one might hear at the gym – if it weren’t for lines like I’ll fuck you like a billionaire (on Billionaire). The raw, crassly sumptuous lyrics are what we’ve come to expect from the often-mustachioed singer/songwriter, and on her latest release, they’re pitch perfect.

If you want a little taste of Peaches and you’re frugal fruits like us, there are a few tracks that you shouldn’t wait until the economy regains its erection to have:

I Feel Cream – the title track is our current favorite, and already annoying our neighbors;
Billionaire – classic nasty girl lyrics such as the aforementioned chorus keep our list of pick up lines current;
Talk To Me – the rocker-meets-electro current single is an easy favorite;
Trick or Treat – Peaches singing about taking a trick home resonates with us for some odd reason;
Mommy Complex – Yes, we have a mommy complex, but the raw beats of this track make us wish we didn’t only fantasize about daddies.

But if the economy doesn’t have you all soft and bothered, treat yourself to the entire crate of Peaches. I Feel Cream proves that the artist has grown since 2002, but, like us, is still the gender-bending, dirty freak that gays can’t get enough of.

I Feel Cream is out today on XL Records
Available on iTunes and Amazon