Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Who Let The Dogs IN? Who? Who?

On our life list of “things we jumped into without thinking through the consequences,” our new Portuguese Water Dog puppy ranks somewhere between the Ricky Martin- inspired “Shake Your Bon Bon” lower-back tattoo and that fateful home bikini wax.

It’s not that having a dog doesn’t bring joy to your life; it’s just that joy comes with a price. And by price we mean ultimatum: burn off some off that puppy energy or suffer the consequences of property damage. Or worse yet, death by mastication for your favorite pair of Pradas.

While taking the dog out for a walk is one way to get by, anyone who has survived a Dallas summer can attest to the sweat-drenched misery that is doggy exercise on the surface of the sun. That’s why we are sold on the concept of the indoor dog park, Unleashed.

Sprawling across more than 50,000 square-feet, Unleashed is like Six Flags for dogs (without that creepy inbred family you always get stuck behind in line). There are indoor and outdoor off-leash areas complete with waterfalls, tunnels, and most importantly, NO MUD! And no worries, the indoor grass is made from super high tech K-9 turf and washed daily so you won’t leave smelling like a potty training pad.

If your dog is really just a cheap ploy for picking up hot guys (like you were fooling anyone), you can hang in the Unleashed Lounge and strike up casual conversations about your volunteer work fostering Labradoodles with bad groom jobs.

Speaking of gettin’ Fido’s fur did, Unleashed also offers complete pampering services including grooming, shopping and doggy day care.

Now, if we could just talk them into getting a liquor license and a Ben & Jerry franchise installed it would be our modern-day Nirvana.

Cost: $7.50 per dog per day
Unleashed Indoor Dog Park
5151 Samuel Boulevard, Dallas
(214) 388-0701