Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Go North, Young Man

For those of us who live in the heart of Dallas, anything north of Neiman Marcus NorthPark is cause for renting a Winnebago for the road trip or begging Southwest Airlines to drop us off on their way to Tulsa.

So when we heard from our friends that Spa Esoteric in McKinney was a must-visit, we packed the old overnight bag, grabbed our passports and received the appropriate vaccinations.

And boy, are we glad we did.

Spa Esoteric is so un-Dallas. It’s sophisticated and professional in a very welcoming, down-to-earth way. Situated in a small house where owner Monica Norman rules her relaxation queendom with a gentle, well-manicured hand, we fell in love the minute we walked in and were greeted by the cheery fragrances and colors that make it a ritual for McKinney’s finest citizens.

There’s no doubt this is a girlie place, but what gay man doesn’t feel right at home with his feet soaking in a bath of goat’s milk and rose petals while reading fashion and food magazines from Australia?

That’s about as manly as we get, actually.

Spa Esoteric also offers one of our favorite facials from Intraceuticals, which we would do everyday if we had the disposable income. Obama, hear our prayers! The people need beauty stimulation packages, too.

But it was the Thai Herbal Hot Stem Treatment that will have us returning to McKinney every full moon or so. We asked them to show us a unique treatment that you can’t get everywhere and man, oh man, was this a good one.

A blend of herbs, including pli, ginger and turmeric are wrapped in cotton and hand-tied to create a stem. The stems are then put into a warm steam bath so that your massage is a combination of relaxing pressure and even more relaxing warmth and moisture.

And because it’s designed to detox the system, we should probably make a standing appointment every Monday to counter the effects of our regular four-hour brunches. Just think of the frequent flyer miles…

Spa Esoteric
105 South Church Street, McKinney
(972) 540-2278