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Antique Chic

Usually if we are looking for vintage, we head over to Pub Pegasus. There’s something intoxicating about the atmosphere that makes our Botox drip line and daily pilgrimage to Equinox seem all the more worth it.

And while beauty may fade for us mere mortals, for interior design sometimes the hands of time are just the ticket for turning everyday objects into exquisite finds. Yes, in layman’s terms we are talking antiques. And more specifically: Forestwood Antique Mall.

But before you start thinking old lady lace doilies and crystal candy dishes – think gayer. Antique stores can be home to regular items turned works of art in the right household. Like vintage restaurant menus on display to kitsch up the kitchen, a slightly creepy “homemade” oil panting of a leering toddler to keep houseguests from overstaying their welcome, or a stack of retro pulp novels next to the bed to suggest unadulterated hipsterness. (Who’s going to challenge that you don’t settle down each night with a copy of Nautipuss?)

Forestwood Antique Mall is home to 45,000 square feet of just these kinds of off-the-wall finds. Sure, sure, they have grandfather clocks and Queen Anne Settees, too, but they pale in comparison to treasures like a holographic Louis Vuitton invitation addressed to Cynthia Marcus (it’s in case #36 if you are interested), assorted mannequins missing limbs or even trays of Braniff airlines marketing collateral.

And for the record, your Cher Farewell Tour 2003 poster doesn’t count as an antique, yet. But keep hold of it as researchers may want to use it to track just how much plastic surgery one body can take.

Forestwood Antique Mall
5333 Forest Lane, Dallas
(972) 661-0001

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