Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Dog Patrol

We might fight veneered tooth and acrylic nail to keep our gaybies away from social networking until college, but we’ll proudly admit that we couldn’t wait to give our pooches a Facebook profile.

With the help of Snif Tag our mut mania graduates to the next level.

The RFID-implanted collar tracks Fido’s actions, and once home, uploads a summary to the net. With the information uploaded to the web, we can see which dogs our pooches have sniffed (as long as they donned the Snif Tag as well), through a social-network like interface. Dogs only have to come near each other’s tags to exchange profile information, and, voila, we’re soon setting up play dates for Princess.

True, the networking aspect of the tag almost allows a smile to break through our collagen causeways, but it’s the detective abilities the device provides for that really strokes our sinister side.

Like Big Sister over canine country, Snif Tag allows us to monitor our pet’s activity levels, compare our canine’s daily exercise to her friends, and check to see how rowdy she gets when we’re away.

We know we spoil her like a sedentary princess often, but we’d prefer making sure that we’re getting our money’s worth out of the gorgeous-but-pricey dog walker. We may have had to take down the secret cams we set up to watch him make sure he did his job, but with Snif Tag around our dog’s neck, we’re back in obsessive dog guardian business.

Snif Tag Starter Kit: $149
Note: Snif Tag does not locate pets via GPS