Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Decal-aesthetics Workout

We don’t know why, but our walls are magnets for smudges and blemishes.

Maybe it’s our free-spirited experimentation with whipped creams, chocolate syrup and Platinum Wet; maybe it’s our nightly weekly post-bar stumbling – which would explain the dirty handprints that appear to clumsily lead to the bathroom. Whatever the reason, no matter how much we pay housekeeper to make them disappear, they reoccur. Somehow, we’ve put our queer (and slightly buzzed) minds to use, and come up with a kitschy solution: wall decals.

Because the decals are a simple way to enliven a home’s palate, the decorating trend is everywhere these days. But just like the 50’s greaser-style hair that’s sweeping the gay and metro corners of the country, it’s important to get it right or risk coming off sloppy.

Surface Collective
If the vibe of one’s abode is youthful and hip, we suggest the fabulously flirty wall tattoos from Surface Collective. When used alongside the right tones, the light, wispy decals accentuate any room pleasantly. However, like their namesake, if applied while wasted, the wall tattoos might come off slutty, transforming the room into a giant tramp stamp.

Botanical Spheres from Surface Collective, $65

Wall Prints
For the loft dweller hoping to experiment but erring on the side of taste, the large-scale, nature-themed decals from Wall Prints would be our first choice. From bamboo to an oversized hibiscus, the stickers are an affordable way to turn entire blank walls into works of art. (Just be sure to not let guests drink to the point they believe your indoor forest is the perfect spot for a bathroom break.)

Bamboo Wall Art, $70

But for those who desire to skip down a more adventurous wall-decal route, we love the Frondescence collection from Blik. The diverse array of decals might class up the experimental area around our bed, and could possibly highlight the path from bar to bathroom for even the most alcohol-saturated of eyes.

Blik Frondescence Collection, $50